Solo Review & Breakdown

Let’s be real; we were all incredibly hesitant about Solo. I am a Han Solo and Harrison Ford super-fan, and even I wasn’t over the moon about the idea. No matter what your opinion on the film is now, we can all say that nobody outright asked for this movie. Before I knew I should […]

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Dapper Day Digest

If you haven’t heard of Dapper Day, you either aren’t part of the Disney community, or you are but have been living under 6 rocks with noise-cancelling headphones. Dapper Day is the unofficial Disney holiday (that Disney doesn’t sponsor but isn’t against either) that celebrates fashion of every era and style. Started in 2011, the […]

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Phantom Manor: Why I Must Ride

I mentioned in Friday’s blog post, I really want to go to Disneyland Paris. Yes, because of the dragon, but more so for one very specific attraction that can be seen there and nowhere else: Phantom Manor You probably got that from the title. Anyway, here are 4 reasons why I must ride this thing […]

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Great Movie Ride and Me

If you follow my Instagram, you would know just from my profile picture how upset I was when Great Movie Ride closed. It was my favorite ride in all four parks, and I adored every second of it; from the opening “Hooray for Hollywood”, to the gorgeous animatronics, to the iconic movie scene compilation at […]

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My 5 Years in Virtual School

This year marks the 5 year point of my Virtual School career. For the first 3-3 and 1/2 years, I missed school endlessly. I had left for medical reasons with the full intention of returning when things got better. The thing I have found about life is there is no “better”, just adaption to change; […]

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Getting My Crap Together

It is 11:00, and after talking about Bandstand with my friend Sharon, who I know is reading this, a few things came to mind that I wanted to apply to myself. And I know that if I wait until the morning to write or even publish this, I will chicken out. So this is going […]

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Ode to Cheese Danish

Dear world, This “I shall blog each day this week” challenge has been much harder than I thought. I need a day for my mind to regenerate itself, and so today’s topic is on a new favorite of mine. Cheese Danish I had never had one until just last month, when I went to 1900 […]

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